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October 27, 2003



Unless they print on newprint, or tissue paper, or something else vile, I'd hate to meet anyone reacting to this site with "aaargh." I've not (yet) ordered from them but it certainly looks like I will be.

Dr. Bill Brown

Elibron: great catalogue, but service? I am amazed by Elibron's catalog--a great opportunity to get some of the old books on China I've always wanted for the books I've written on Fujian since I arrived here in 1988 (Amoy Magic, Fujian Adventure, and Mystic Quanzhou--City of Light). Elibron fulfilled my first order, for one book, fast! But on my second order, for 11 books (294$) they wrote to say they received the order but then never responded further. They totally ignored five e-mail queries. I even phoned them long distance from China, left a message and my e-mail address: no response. Amazing catalogue they have--but service? Disappointing. I've recommended them to so many friends, but I'm not sure now if its a good idea or not. Does some one else have any insights on Elibron? I'd certainly like to order more books, but...


I've had problems with elibron too - no replies to any emails, and no acknowledgement of the payment I made through paypal. Unfortunately, it doesn't look as though paypal gets involved in "non tangible goods", or I'd enlist their help to demand a refund :(

B Becker

Forget this outfit. I'm an amateur musicologist and I was delighted to see the obscure orchestral scores they offered. Just to see what sort of service they provided, I ordered one fairly inexpensive score - this was back in January of this year (06). In early February, I received an e-mail stating that they'd be shipping my order in approximately two business days and that I should have it in 2 - 4 weeks. It is now almost the FIRST of May and nothing....I, too, have received no replies to my e-mail inquiries. I've completely given up on ever receiving my order. My advice: it's another one of these "too good to be true" situations. STAY AWAY FROM ELIBRON!!!

Jukka Kumpulainen

I'd suggest everybody avoid Elibron like a plague. The catalogue looks great but.. The service. No answer to emails. They sent me a music score with missing pages. No reply to my questions. I made an order and paid´it through paypal. I have not got my items. And Paypal can't help, it seems. Stay away from Elibron!

Javier Garcia

thank u for the comments about Elibron. I was intending to buy an interesting book on Latin Etymology from Elibron but taking into account the precedent comments my money judges more prudent my staying away from those fishy sirs. Thanks again
Javier - Spain

JG Côrtes

I endorse every comment above regarding Elibron, as they took my money and never sent me the book I've paid for. And they are really dangerous people: no customer service, no phone service, no usable address etc. They claim to use USPS service, but do not provide a tracking number. They also claim to be part of Adamant Media Corporation, which address cannot be reached by mail, according to BBB (Better Business Bureau), an organization that has Elibron in their database (of suspect firms, I guess). Avoid Elibron and, better still, help other people avoid Elibron. By the way: Elibron and Adamant seem to be connected to some Russian organization that would collect cash to help Moscow State Library.

JG Côrtes


After six months waiting, I finally got the book bought from Elibron. While struggling with this unreliable seller, it was good to learn that I was not alone trying to make them respond for their acts. So, fellows, do not give up, keep trying: e-mail them one thousand times, file a complaint with Better Business Bureau, the same with USPS, tell other people about them etc.


Dr Len Martin

Do not ever deal with Elibron - if not actually dishonest they must be totally incompetent. I ordered about $300 of 8 facsimile books in August 2006 - paying a premium for priority mail delivery because they were for a research project. Received promise that they would be sent within 29 business days.

In November started sending emails. No replies until early December, when they charged my credit card account, stating that the books had been sent. This was a great example of Sod’s law because, in frustration, I had ordered the books from Amazon about three days beforehand. The Amazon books arrived before Xmas 2006. The Elibron books did not arrive until late January (turned out they were not posted when Elbron said they were) - AND ONLY 6 OF THE 8 BOOKS ORDERED WERE IN THE PARCEL! Repeated emails elicited no response. The matter is now in the hands of my credit card company.


Erik Ringmar

I've bought stuff by the via Amazon and had no problems. It really saves time and money not having to travel to the British Library (I live in Taiwan ...)


Oh dear! I wish I had known this sooner. I ordered a book from them recently through PayPal. No reply, no response, nothing! Checked their website this morning and it is down!

Jay Silman

Please note that since December 2008 the ELIBRON website has been downand no further information is available concerning its reaapearance. ADAMANT MEDIA's telephone number has been disconnected. Those who have orders in their system are advised to contact their banks and reverse the charges.

Elibron Customer Support

Dear Readers,
thank you very much for your comments. We would like to let you know that as of January of this year there is a new company handling the Elibron books – Adegi Graphics LLC. For the time we do this (about 9 months) we do not remember leaving a customer e-mail unanswered, most of the books we ship within 1 business day, sometimes it takes us longer but never more than 4 days.
Larger orders (15 books or more) we sent via courier services for no additional charge regardless what part of the world they need to be sent to.
We also launched hardcover editions of our books.
If you are looking for a title not available on our site, we will always try to find it for you. If your book got lost in the mail we will always replace it free of charge and send it to you again also free of charge. We were also replacing undelivered orders placed with Elibron before January 2009.
We have to admit that occasionally we have server problems and we are working on it.
We also admit about not being thrilled you calling us on the phone however if you need to talk to us we will answer the phone.
We are looking forward to your new orders.
Thank you,
Elibron Team
Adegi Graphics Support Team

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