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January 26, 2004



Allow me to introduce myself, another Brockport blogger. I found your blog by accident and have been lurking ever since. Do you know other Brockport-area bloggers?
I've been trying to create a list of bloggers on the "North Coast" but aside from a few in Rochester and Buffalo I have failed to find many of interest. (To me). Anyway, I wanted to say hello.
Dan Markham


Eeek! Dirty kids for class! And dirty you!


Dan: Hi there! No, I haven't stumbled over any other Brockport bloggers, although I can think of at least one (Kari Kraus) at the U of R.

Courtney: Um, yeah. Believe it or not, I grabbed a bucket, scooped up some snow, melted it on the stove and used the water to wash my hair. ("Pioneer woman," remarked my department chair.) With any luck, the main has been fixed by now...

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