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May 24, 2004



Re. jury-rigging: clearly you must also include Of Mice and Men.


And War and Peace, and what the heck, Hen's Teeth and Horse's Toes (Stephen Jay Gould). There's a nicely rounded syllabus for you!


I had never heard of steampunk! Neat idea.


Definitely get _The Scar_. I blogged about it fairly recently, if you're interested:

Also blogged not too long ago about steampunk:

I'd particularly recommend Paul DiFilippo's _Steampunk Trilogy_.

Peter Larsen

Perhaps you could round the course out with the comic _Black and White_, the TV Show _Law and Order_, and the movie _Dazed and Confused_. You could call it "The 'Word and Word (where neither word is someone's name)'Titled Work: a cross-media perspective." The kids would go crazy for it. You could then go on to teach a film class comparing _The Madness of King George_, _The Killing of Sister George_, and _George of the Jungle_....

Mr Ripley

Mason & Dixon. Also Sondheim & Co. Dombey and Son. And Oryx & Crake. With selections from John and Belle Have a Blog.

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