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June 23, 2004


Ophelia Benson

Yes, I think it's to make Helen rhyme with Maria. Blame the woman's parents. It's just silly to name someone Helen Maria. Either Helena Maria, or Helen Mary. Helen Maria is just damn confusing. Might as well name someone Tom William, or Sally Samantha, or Ted Frederick, or Liz Katherine. Well not really, because Maria is quite an ordinary name, as in Maria Bertram and Maria Edgeworth - but I had fun saying all that.

Plus the Romantic thing, as you say. Helena sounds more Greek, more Italian, more foreign, more Shelleyan, more classical-in-a-good-way, a Romantic way. Also of course more Shakespearian.

All in all, you should probably just re-name her.


I am translating and taking to "Frankfurt Buchmesse 2005" a book project by a talented Moscow-based contemporary writer Alla Gavrilova who goes along to Germany as well. The book is called E.B., which End's Beginning.

William Wordsworth “The field of rams” instead of “The field of dreams” (allegedly the error which occurred because of the operator fitting the letters into the printing press.)

Do appreciate your help and would be happy to share with you about E.B. project if you wish to know more about this work.


Moscow, Russia.

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