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September 26, 2004



lol, that's so funny you mentioned Leiter, I just came from his blog

B&W's Jerry

If you send me an email (I can't find your email address), I'll tell you who it is, but I'm not going public with the answer! Not yet, anyhow.

Ophelia Benson

Sounds like pretty much the ideal blog, to me. Books, books, students, books, books, cats, books. What's not to like?

PZ Myers

What not to like? Well, the total absence of squid, for one thing.

Ophelia Benson

Nah, that's just division of labor. You do the squid stuff, Miriam does the Carlyle-Shaw-Wilde-Eliot-etc stuff. Then next year you can switch.

PZ Myers

Wheee! When's the changeover date? Is there a ceremony?

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