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September 30, 2004


Mark Madsen

I loved your post -- I thought I was weird, using my WishList to keep track of things I might, should, or someday could read. In fact, it's no longer really useful for gift purposes....last year at Christmas my family took one look at it and ran screaming. I think my brother said something like "well, if you want 'The Temporal Factor in Consciousness' you can buy it yourself. That's not a gift. Oh, and you're a freak."

I took it as a compliment.

Robert Nagle

At the risk of sounding like I'm boasting, I keep a massive amazon wish list too (with 527 titles). I'm relatively surprised that most of my literary friends don't do the same. It's rare that I come across ANYONE with more than 100 titles on their list.

Another satisfying activity has been putting all the books I own in a spreadsheet and saving as html (and sticking it on some website). It is so convenient to be able to check if I already possess some book or not (and what edition or translation).

Finally I don't know if you already caught the article by Chris Anderson about how online recommendation systems (like on amazon) are broadening people's tastes

Nice weblog (although it would be nice if you had an about page).

Robert Nagle

Hey, let's try making these things html hyperlinks.

my wish list and Chris Anderson's article

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