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October 30, 2004



I like to pace when I think, too. And the one thing I don't really like about Atlanta is that it's not terribly pedestrian friendly where I live.

Feigning sleep actually sounds like a great strategy to call attention to student apathy. I'll have to try it...


I think it's time for me to try you falling asleep strategy in my class on industrial novels! I'll let you know how it works :) p.s. love love love the blog. Just discovered it and will add it to my faves.


Prawns on pizza, of course. In fact the best pizza in the world - IMHO - is to be found in Nice, where you get lashings of seafood on a classically Italian thin base, without cheese, topped with chilli oil .... yum, yum yum.
Where am I eating tonight? The work canteen ... oh well. On its good days it won't poison you.

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