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November 26, 2004



His prose is very uninspiring, but I found the character to be very interesting and believable. (That said, I haven't read many of the Morse novels, and will probably never pick up a Rankin - I read Mankell solely for the novelty of it being Swedish.)

I can't say I'd noticed the over-explaining of points, but do see what you mean - Mankell isn't great at ambiguity, of either action or theme, and does have a habit of over-writing certain aspects (this is most noticeable, I think, in 'The White Lioness'). They're quite light reads, and the appeal for me was always the combination of character and landscape.

'Sidetracked' is too long, by about one hundred pages; but 'The Dogs of Riga' is probably worth a look, if only for its depiction of a country other than Sweden from the perspective of a Swedish author (and Swedish character). Don't read 'The White Lioness' unless the blurb really catches your attention.

Much better, in many ways, are the crime novels of Karin Fossum - shorter, more psychologically subtle, and far better at leaving certain, key elements ambiguous.

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