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December 18, 2004


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...gender and blogging, part 3. (See part 1 and part 2.) Much gnashing of teeth is taking place in the comments section of this Crooked Timber entry. The Little Professor asks, "[I]sn't putting abstract speculation before data collection sort of... [Read More]



I don't know why I've held off on asking to be listed on the CT sidebar. Maybe it's because mine is not mainly an academic blog, but a blog by someone who happens to be an academic, a gamer, a parent and a pet-owner and one who might randomly blog about any or none of those topics?

PZ Myers

Hey, hey...shhhh. If you keep telling people I mention that domestic stuff, they'll start laughing at me down at the Boys' Club.

Michael Bérubé

Yeah, don't be making PZ sound like a girlie-man and messing him up with his boyz. We male academic bloggers have to keep it real, you know-- I know I do, at least until February 15 of next year, when my sex-change operation is scheduled. But what about Charlie Bertsch? He's a male boy, he's an academic, and he's all over the domestic space. No separate spheres out there in Arizona with Charlie.

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