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December 25, 2004


What Now?

These sound like really fun classes! I keep saying that I'm going to sit in on some of my colleague's undergraduate courses, and I love the idea of being a student in someone else's class and having the thrill of fun classes again, but of course I never have time, what with my own full-time teaching schedule. So I envy your students who will be getting to read the Brontes and some other people!


Students need the Brontes and Austen's sentimental, tea sipper potboilers about as much as they need basketweaving courses.

Let here it for book burnings: Wuthering Dykes on top, next to a Riverside Shakeyspeare and Middlemarch, Norton Collection of English Verse etc. Try Stats 101.

Give us another BF Skinner, ye gotts


Thank you for the link to the biographical essay on Ford Maddox Ford.

His name caught my eye because of an art class assignment I had a few years back that concerned a painting by Janice Biala.

Now there is a very interesting literary and visual arts span from the Pre-Raphealites to the abstract!

I've never read any of his books but I will rack down "The Good Soldier" and a few others mentioned in the essay once I get back in the good graces of my local library.

I hate to date myself, but I never payed so many library overdue fines when they actually stamped the books with the return date!

C maddox

thank you for your site. I throughly enjoyed reading it. One of the best.

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