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December 21, 2004



Is the movie of the "Prime Minister" based on the Trollope novel of the same name? I read the novel back in grad school...

The whole crypto-Jewish thing (the Ferdinand Lopez character) got a little old after awhile. Borderline anti-Semitism, I would say. Do they clean it up in the film?


Nope--it's WWII propaganda, with Benjamin Disraeli filling in for Winston Churchill (!). In fact, one of the unintentionally comical things about the film is its desperate avoidance of any hint that Disraeli was, you know, born Jewish. (This is all the more interesting because, just a few years previously, the George Arliss vehicle Disraeli made a big to-do about precisely that.) Disraeli is just a mysterious "outsider," as far as the filmmakers are concerned...

What Now?

I laughed out loud at your Virgil remark--too bad about your intricate travel plans, but thanks for a good laugh!

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