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January 14, 2005


John Thomas McGuire

As if we didn't have enough problems grading freshmen on just their examinations and papers!!


In an odd way, effort is related to a behavior I'm trying to research right now ... and let me tell you, it is damn near impossible to figure out how to measure this. Outrageous that effort should count for so much of a grade. "He can't read, but he sure stared at the book for hours."

Or I wonder if my habit of carrying my work around (whether I do it or not) counts as effort?

Brian Borchers

In a remedial course for freshmen that I supervise, 3/4 of the students who fail the course fail because they haven't bothered to show up for class, turn in homeworks, or even take exams. If we had to grade this course on effort alone, then the grades wouldn't change much at all...

David Foster

I'm curious...what kind of job do they think these students might get in which "effort," in the absence of results, will count a whole lot?

I can't think of any such jobs outside of the Civil Service, and, even in many Civil Service jobs, actual results will be expected...

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