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March 26, 2005


New Kid on the Hallway

Oh, yes, I really should have mentioned A/C in my post... ;-)


Shouts out to you from the U. of Chicago, where Wieboldt and adjoining halls still roast in the summer. (When were you here?) Still, maybe that's the better option. Anywhere with A/C gets blasted with such arctic chill, you must carry a sweater if you plan on entering!


Graduated in '97, then worked at MP until sometime in summer '98. Still no A/C, eh?

dr. dave

I had a pretty nice office at my University, big window overlooking the courtyard, and a CLOSET!!

Now I'm returning to the same Univeristy a year later, and praying I can get my old office back, rather than winding up in a dank hole in the basement.

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