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May 24, 2005


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» Today's Snark Prize Goes to from Brad DeLong's Website
Miriam Burstein. Very high quality snark: The Little Professor: Cited by: Donald Kagan's Jefferson Lecture. Despite Kagan's warnings against the dangers of over-generalization, his critique of contemporary historiography was so non-specific--apparently... [Read More]


Another Damned Medievalist

I spoke to my dean about this just this morning and need to read it in prep for my upcoming piece on History of the World vs. World History ... he thought it very clear, so now I'm intrigued!


I agree about quoting too often from quotes.

Oh, and I had to read de Man for a graduate field in intellectual history, primarily for his work on romanticism.


Damn straight. Maybe he should start getting his papers marked again?

Otherwise I'm not convinced by Evans' response. It still makes me shudder. So self-righteous, and frequently just as distortive and nitpicking as his critics can be.

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