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May 28, 2005


Ellen Moody

Dear Miriam,

I'm so glad to see someone pick up the inferences I hoped would be aired (among others) on C18-l. I couldn't be sure what was the situation in Scott studies, and when Andrew Brown pointed out that the real readership of Scott was made up of readers who went for older used copies, I thought, well then I won't try to present the point of view that few copies selling of a classic author in a widely-aimed paperback series bodes ill. You have pointed out the reasons why few sell and the problems of these editions: not seriously meant to be assigned by teachers as there are not enough pointed courses for them.

I get so irritated on C18-l that I rarely post nowadays. I see that what I wrote was immediately taken personally and so the thread was useless except to show how people take things personally.


A. Cephalous

My reputation as a frivilous wit has finally paid dividends! Unfortunatley, I'm cracking under the pressure and can only muster "Didn't Order Versions Acceptable For Students 'Cause Handsome Otters Laugh At 'Respectable Schooners.'" That'd be DOVA' For SCHOLARS if it weren't for all those otters...


Can't Read It, Dummy! Ergo, Cartons Of Englit Unopened, Remaindered.

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