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May 25, 2005



Hasn't Stallone done literary movies before? I seem to remember him doing something involving Rimbaud.


Stallone directing? Directing a film on Poe? Oh boy...


Rocky and Poe? Together at last! *hehehe*

I bet Poe is digging his way out of the grave to take Sly down to hell as we speak!

Jonathan Dresner

I can't imagine the makeup and special effects necessary to turn Stallone into the consumptive, alcoholic, wasting Poe.... Though I'd probably pay money to hear him do dramatic readings. Maybe he could write himself a cameo as a vicious editor?

Jean Spencer

He needs the biceps to carry the baggage.

Lynda Hinkle

I literally got a stomachache when I read your post.


well, my students will surely see Poe in a different way in the future!


Poe was a champion athlete. He was not, however, that much of a cryptanalyst. I recommend Wimsatt on this.


What about the story that Poe got kicked out of West Point for showing up for parade drill in nothing but his sword and gloves? Stallone's bod would liven that up, I'm sure.

Theo Sego

Sly is a genius - this is not an opinion, rather, a simple fact (IQ points do not lie). As director, Sly can/will do a typically brilliant job of portraying E.A. Poe as the reflective, suicidal, 'baggage' encumbered individual that he was. Have faith people.... remember: "The years force a certain amount of wisdom upon us whether we like it or not" (and at 60/yrs old, Stallone will have had plenty of time for wisdom to have forced itself upon him).

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