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June 29, 2005



If I could find a way for the books and beasts to pay rent and help move, I'd be in much better financial shape. What a great post!


Just as a side note, I found Barnett's essay irritating because, just as it seemed ready to address some fundamental flaws in the way we think about teaching (among other professions and activities, like raising children), it dodged the question. To teach well, the story goes, one must love it; it's unalienated labor, and thus doing it is its own reward. So to demand -- nay, even to request -- more money is a sign that one does NOT truly love one's work, and, as a corollary, that one cannot possibly be good at it. But, Barnett says, if he doesn't give his all for his students (his surrogate children), it's only because he's needed more by his real ones. So he's not really a mean old grinch who just wants to have a little time to himself on a Saturday.

I don't think this is a singles vs. couples (or childless vs. childful) issue, even though it often comes out that way precisely because it's hard for anyone to deny children's needs. We need to acknowledge everyone's need for, and right to, a division between personal and work life, and the time spent at each.

And yes, the housing market in California is horrifying. Although you'd also be hard-pressed to find a "starter" house in the rural area near my mid-Atlantic college for under 250k. Used to be teaching in the middle of nowhere made life affordable, but no more...


Time to put those signed true first editions of BLIND LOVE, WIVES AND DAUGHTERS, and THE MYSTERY OF EDWIN DROOD on the market and see what they bring. : )

Bourgeois Nerd

What about Disraeli and Victoria? I think it's high time they got off their feline duffs and got some good, honest work! I'm sure there must be a farmer in your areawho needs some mice killed or something!

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