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June 25, 2005


A. G. Rud

Ah, with an aged vehicle, a cell is a must. Be careful, L'il P, especially in snow drifts...


And also essential when reliant on the British public transport "system" for visiting friends and family around the country. That's the only reason I keep mine. But I have never used it in a public loo, I swear.

Jonathan Dresner

Is that better or worse than restroom-based medical consultation?


So who was the first person to think it was a good idea to take a cell phone into the bathroom for any reason??? Like food, something just do not belong near toilets.


At some point, someone will write an alternate-history Regency romance in which all of Jane Austen's female characters are in constant communication with each other via cell phone.


I've added you to my blogroll. Your site is marvelous! Thank you for the lovely reading.


Once heard a journalist phoning in a long article in similar circumstances. Very off-putting.


Although I can undertand dragging a girlfriend into the loo to gush out your passionate life, I just can't understand simultaneous gushing and ahem, gushing.

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