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July 28, 2005



Birthday bookhunt - what a lovely notion. Have a good one!

Bill Tozier

Nab a copy of the appropriate edition of The Used Book Lover's Guide to.... I suppose in this case it would be ...New England. Alas, it's woefully out of date, but it can lead to out-of-the-way places where some surprising things can be found.

Be sure to consider stopping in at a few antique malls and shops, as well. You can call ahead and ask if they have any "old books" -- be sure to make it clear there should be a shelf or two, or you'll inevitably find a stack of cookbooks or 1905 Grosset & Dunlap novels. We find more than half of our 19th century books there, at ridiculously low prices because (a) the antique-sellers have no idea of their rarity or value, and (b) the market for books in such places is soft so the prices are not as inflated as "informed" antiquarians tend to make them.

Bill Tozier

And happy birthday! [pending]

Sredni Vashtar

Try this site:


Lyrical Ballad on Phila St. in Saratoga Springs is not to be missed. They occupy the basements of several adjacent buildings and the shop snakes along for seemingly endless periods. Plus, the couple who owns it (the DiMarcos) are phenomenally nice and know their stuff.

Also, in a tiny out-of-the way place called Hoosick, NY (on Rt. 7 between Troy, NY and Bennington, VT) there's a great, if somewhat disorganized bookshop called Dogears run by a couple (the Waites) who must be in their late seventies but seem to know every book they have in stock still (which must be over 75,000).

Bennington is surprisingly bad for books, but Great Barrington, MA has a couple of excellent shops (whose names unfortunately escape me right now). The Raven bookshop in Northhampton, MA is also worth a trip by itself -- there are several other solid and occasionally excellent second-hand shops in Northhampton as well, but the Raven (formely allied with the wonderful Crow Bookshop in Burlington, VT) is the pick of the litter.

That's all the ones I know about in the region, but those are all fantastic. I've heard there are some good ones in Williamstown, MA as well.

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