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August 21, 2005



Ah yes, I saw these at the IGA Conference in Montreal...even better?
They have some beautiful little hand-sewn chapbooks just like the way they appeared when unearthed from the British library (only of course new). They are lovely.

David Scott

I recently purchased books from both publishers and I have to say I enjoyed books from Valancourt Books much more. While Zittaw has "cute" little chapbooks however the one I bought had a lot of typos and seemed more political than anything. Valancourt's books were more of the fun and exciting true Gothic texts.

Sredni Vashtar

You might also be interested in the forthcoming:

Encyclopedia of Fantastic Victoriana by Jess Nevins. Pub. by Monkey Brain. $45. ISBN# 1932265082.

James D. Jenkins

Thanks for the kind words! Always nice when people are interested in these obscure little books we put out...

And, I should mention, there's no need to restrain yourself from filling that shopping cart, none at all ;)

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