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September 25, 2005


What Now?

Thanks for your good wishes. And yes, we're all assuming that library books may be next for scrutiny. Clearly the faculty has its work cut out for us in protecting academic freedom on campus.


I had an almost identical experience last year. The book in question was by James Kincaid, and although it's extremely well known in literary studies, I still ended up having a police check carried out on me.


Laura--under what grounds did the police check you?


It's not an uncommon procedure here, Jonathan. If you're interested in this for some reason I don't mind telling you whatever else you want to know, but contact me direct so as not to hijack Miriam's thread.


All comment threads are always already hijacked. I heard Kincaid give a talk where he discussed the controversy his books had caused in the U.S. I'm sure he would be interested to hear about this Australian version.


The vision of LibraryThing being polled, frisked, mined for books that violate someone's community standards is keeping my household off LibraryThing. Which we regret.

I think the technical response would be for libraries to host their own catalogues, and shared information to only go out along a web of trust; but that requires considerably more computer aptitude among all users, and trust can be suborned anyway. The saying is, there are no purely technical solutions to fundamentally social problems...

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