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September 16, 2005



Ooo... Librarything is very interesting... I've only put in a few, but the multiple editions existing but not available issue is a little troubling...

I shall go play.


The BL's the first library I'm going to add, no question. Give it a week. Right now I'm desperate to keep the server from melting through the floor and hitting the water table.

4,500? Memo to self: next time make it $10 per 1,000...

William Wend

I really like this except for the lack of multiple editions (even in Amazon searches). Once that is added this will be very neat.


You're very much at the mercy of the databases that Tim's managed to link to and the quality of their data. There's no rhyme or reason for some of our multi-volume sets to be under a single entry while others get an entry per volume. Old paperbacks don't exist: they never got into LoC and they've been superseded in Amazon. And I wish someone recognized European ISBNs. I thought the S was supposed to stand for Standard.

But Tim's is the first workable cataloging tool I've seen that isn't targeted to twenty-somethings who bought all their books new. And the takeup proves it.

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