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September 28, 2005



You'd have had a great time with the student who told me that she thought Jews were Christians, wouldn't you?

At least yours recognized the term you invoked!


I confess I would have been as perplexed as your students – I got a Christian upbringing but the catechism my church used was just a collection of commandments and prayers. Now that I actually looked it up on the internet, I found remnants of the q&a form but not so many that I would have associated it with catechism. I guess the form was modernised at some point, and I’ve just never come across a more archaic version.

Yet, my students seem to be even more ignorant about religion than I am (and unlike me, some of them are practising Christians). Recently one student claimed in a literary history exam that Ecclesiastes was about Jesus, lambs and grace. Um, I hope she hadn’t actually read the book and was just guessing.


I'm ashamed to say that even though I was raised as a "High" Anglican and our catechism was in the Q & A format, it took me a while to answer this very same question when we were covering the poem in my high school lit. class.

A lot of my other friends did not recognise the term though, being Christians but of the more modern bent (Pentecostals, "Non-denominationals" and the like).

jeremy hunsinger

of my class of 57, graduating in 1992, those that i recall participating in catechism number around 5-10. keep in mind that this was a fairly rural, and is nor a religious place....


Catechism is not something we Protestants do, it's Catholics who do it


Most of our students are Catholic, as far as I've been able to tell.

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