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October 28, 2005



And am I too young to be truly cantankerous?

Perhaps, but you are clearly old enough to be complicit!


Don't know if the timing fits with your workflow, but the Georgia school offers short-term library fellowships:

They're offered through the main library's special collections program, but the theology library's only about fifty yards away.


I hope a reader who is really committed to the double-blind peer review concept will refrain from using google to try to identify the scholars whose work he is evaluating.

I think there's a larger question here about the ethics of using google to try to get more information about a person when you aren't really entitled to know more...


Someone should employ a research assistant to go through all of the journals listed in the MLA's database and determine what percentage use double-blind review, what percentage allow the reviewer to know who you are but not you to know the reviewer, and what percentage dispense with anonymity of any form. If this has already been done, please tell me about it. Also, you love prose like that and secretly write it in your journal.


You're never too young to be cantankerous. Cantankerousness is a great gift. Use it wisely.

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