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December 11, 2005


Vito Prosciutto

As an occasional poster of student e-mails, part of why I feel free to do so is a consequence of my anonymity. Generally, I make a point of stripping out anything identifying, but this does give me pause.

But on the other hand, without the e-mails, what else would I blog? And I enjoy reading others' similar posts. Certainly this is much more acceptable, I think, than the frequent chatting about stupid students which is common in many college departments.

John Thomas McGuire

This situation raises an interesting question: does technology improve lives, or actually facilitate stupidity? It seems to me that privacy and respect often goeth before seemingly easier communication.


The prospect of a student recognising him or herself in an unflattering post, and how that would make him or her feel, stops me from putting anything not meek and mild out there about my students.

In Australia anonymity is impossible for any blogger remotely connected to academia, so fortunately I'm not tempted to do things like post emails.

Rich Puchalsky

I was disconcerted when I read a volume of Galway Kinnell's selected poetry and discovered that he has an early poem that makes fun of his correspondence-course poetry students. Not by name, of course, but still -- the ultimate easy targets.


When I chose to blog under my own name, I made the same choices you did. And I don't feel like my blog is weaker because of it. Different, yes.

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