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January 16, 2006


Jonathan Dresner

studied indifference to the evidence at hand

I like that phrase. I like the whole piece, but I really like that phrase; you will be quoted at some point. I put a link to the Cliopatria version of this in the comments to Pluss' piece, by the way.


Most folk have done things they regret when young and foolish. We are rarely the people we began as. Just apologise for it, and get on with life-don't try and rationalise it with third rate criticism. Let's hope Pluss never switches faculties and researches lemmings.

There is, however, a lot to be said for visiting the place a writer wrote, particularly with the romantics.

Poets and poetry have an unusual relationship. If you think they just downloaded their thoughts to paper in a single act of creative greatness, you may want to examine their manuscripts. It is one thing to develop a concept, another to craft a poem about it, and something else entirely to live it. The worst approach you can have to a romantic poet, is the romanticised one.

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