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April 22, 2006



I'm not sure the analyst is correct. I find it's only when the grading is complete that the avoidance impulse actually dies down.

Speaking of which, I have the graduate students' take-home finals to mark. *sigh*

Heidi Hickman

I found you through LibraryThing.

I have an antique book looking for a loving home. It goes by the name of The Adventures of a Brownie by Miss Mulock. There is no catalog number for it, nor publishing date, but it has lovely bookplates and is from Harper & Brothers Publishers. If you would be a good book-parent, please contact me.


This just so reflects what happens to me when I have to sit down and tackle something daunting. On the other hand, in what shape would my house (and office) be without these moments of procrastination?


There is a great scene (maybe the only one) in that movie Sylvia from a few years back where Ted Hughes comes home to find Sylvia Plath (aka Gwyneth Paltrow) in a house full of fresh-baked pies, and he says something like, oh, writing again? Exactly. Writing, grading = great times to back pies, clean the house, rearrange all the books in backwards alphabetical order.
I'm with you.

La Professora

Anything to avoid those papers. Ugh! Gotta love "GROUP" end of semester papers...cuts the workload in half! :)

Finn Harvor

I have a blog on the topic of screenplay-novels (hopefully the term is self-explanatory) and have linked to this.

One aspect of writing in the form of a screenplay that interests me is while the idea of fiction -- such as a novel -- in this form is enough of a new idea that it's generally considered unacceptable, it has a long-standing tradition in satire.

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