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May 28, 2006



"Significant and sophisticated," no less!


Congratulations! Although I've read your introduction, I didn't realize how ambitious your book was until now.


Also, isn't the reviewer mistaken that The Scottish Chiefs was published in 1806? I thought it was 1810, but maybe there was an earlier edition. And is it her idea or George Eliot's that Jews don't accept converts? (It's been a while since I read Deronda.)


I don't think that DD even raises the possibility that someone could convert to Judaism; the genial but inane convert in Amy Levy's Reuben Sachs is a pointed glance in DD's direction. (One of Benjamin Farjeon's novels argues that real conversions from Christianity to Judaism or vice-versa are biologically impossible.)

The earliest copy of SC in the British Library, at least, is dated 1810.

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