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June 29, 2006


Bourgeois Nerd

Welcome home.


Sadly, you are not alone: Thanks to USAir, Mary-Chapin Carpenter's guitars were sent who-knows-where when she travelled to New Orleans for her concert at the ALA convention. Other friends of mine who flew them had similar problems (luggage, usually, not guitars).


US Airways has lost my luggage once, twice, THRICE on flights from Philly to Boston. Now that Southwest does Philly to Providence, I have abandoned US Airways for a more reliable carrier... Give 'em hell, though. You'll eventually get it back.


Is USAir run by the Vatican? After two weeks of non-stop ingestion of anti-Catholic rhetoric, you really must expect a little Jesuitical blowback. Time to break out BARNABY RUDGE as a palate-cleanser.


Just think of the poor schmuck who lost Philip K. Dick's head on an America West flight:


The luggage has returned (which is good, since all my sandals were in it).

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