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June 22, 2006



I'm curious where you've been eating. I imagine there's tastier food available than there used to be.


Hey, at least in the U.K. they have REAL "Diet Coke". Across the channel they have that miserable "Coke Light" junk that isn't fit to give to undergrads.

As for affording Real Estate in London, the solution is simple: buy in Edinburgh.


Incidentally, I'd like to know how one fits two bedrooms into a 443 sq. ft. apartment.

The second bedroom will be a small single, so small that even a little professor would get claustrophobia . . . something around nine feet by five foot seven or thereabouts. Alternatively, you might find that the bedroom is actually a more standard size, but that you've only got a shower room, not a bathroom and the kitchen is so small that you've got to keep the fridge in the front room.

I just adore the London property market. So many people trying to convince you that five thousand pounds a square foot is a sensible use of your money!

And everything in London is pricier than NYC. Every time we go to NYC, my husband and I start comparing how much our lifestyle (and our savings) would improve if he moved his job over there.


Don't eat anymore Cadbury chocolate! In the Guardian today: "Half a million bars of Cadbury's chocolate suspected of being contaminated with salmonella have been eaten by the public over the past six months, the company admitted yesterday as it took seven of its most popular brands off the shelves.",,1804951,00.html


Yes, I saw that warning shortly after eating a Cadbury's. A bit late, that.

However, I'm not dead, so all seems to be well.


Small bedrooms is the key. The second one is liable to only fit a single bed and a wardrobe - possibly with the doors taken off. A desk if you're extremely lucky.
This being why most people residing in London rent. Or live in the [slightly] cheaper boroughs which have worse reputations.

Natalie Bennett

Why pay that much? ... well if you can be a 10-minute walk from the British Library, and a similar distance from the British Museum, that's my answer.

Although, I can't do imperial measures, but I didn't pay anything like the figures you're suggesting. Provided you're not snobbish and will buy ex-council (public housing), it can be surprisingly cheap. Of course it does get a bit noisy when the football (soccer) is on...

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