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June 27, 2006



Interesting. I would have expected to see a pretty substantial jump in anti-Marian rhetoric after 1870...

This didn't happen?


Also, is there any correlation between the anti-Catholic sentiments tapering off and the rise of the Darwinist bogeyman?


I'm curious,LP: Do any of your anti-Catholic sermonizers described Catholics/Catholicism as the antichrist? I'm working on a section of my diss now that deals with the Catholic as antichrist in the protestant imagination, but that's a late sixteenth-early seventeenth-century thing...


Oh, yes--there are a slew of sermons devoted to demonstrating that the Pope is the Antichrist.


Excellent! It's a trope that continues then. I feel less silly for making a big deal out of it in Chapter One, then. :)


Excellent! It's a trope that continues then.

Alive and well and living somewhere in Northern Ireland. Take a listen to the sermons of the Revd. Ian Paisley if you want to hear some classic Calvinist rhetoric on the subject.

Of course there was also the front page news expulsion of the then Lord Chancellor from the Wee Wee Frees in 1989 for attending a catholic colleague's requiem mass.

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