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October 27, 2006


Al Kriman

You put it on your key chain, silly! Also, they're working feverishly on a microchip version that will do everything the traditional key does, but at the press of a button. The hang-up is getting some light to go off so you know it's opened the doors of opportunity or whatever.

I haven't seen any of the old keys in action either, but I can't say I've looked. FWIW, the mother of a friend of mine used to wear it -- as a brooch, I think, possibly securing a silk scarf -- when she worked as a scientist at Naval Research Labs in the 1960's. It occurs to me now that in those days and in that place, it might have been useful. Although her immediate colleagues would have known that she wasn't a clerical worker, it might have gotten her some more respectful reaction in other areas of the lab.

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