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October 29, 2006


chris y

In what universe does that get 61%?

What Now?

Chris's comment was exactly my thought. The scariest thing about that paper was that it got a D-!


What's even scarier is that I saw the 61%, blinked, then put it down to grade inflation and moved on.

It's gotten into my mind now. Soon I'm just going to give everyone who shows up for class an A and retire, gibbering, to my lair.

I wouldn't be surprised if the paper was real - people can get surprisingly creative when passive-aggressively responding to an assignment they've realized they're going to fail anyway.

A friend of mine was having a lot of trouble in a Japanese class taught by an extraordinarily bad teacher (though I must admit he also didn't have the best study habits). When the day of the final arrived, he was so frustrated and angry that he wrote all his answers in Croatian.


Am I the only one who thinks the (purported) author, however erratic and overly focused on backdoor action, is wittier and more literate than the (purported) teacher?

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