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December 26, 2006



The third book is different, but I like all three. When reading the third volume, I always have to keep in mind that Peake wrote it very quickly because he was rapidly losing the ability to write. As a result, I suspect the narrative moves much more quickly in Titus Alone. Regardless, I love wallowing in Peake's words - so much so that last summer I held my own personal Peake Fest in which I read the novels back-to-back, with no interruptions (normally, I am in the middle of several books).

I, too, enjoy the grotesque, but this could be due to too much (?) early exposure to german-anguage grotesques and absurditites.

Enjoy the remainder of the trilogy! And check out Peake's illustrations in children's books if you have a chance. They are really wonderful.

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