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December 22, 2006



Regarding your comment about reading Gormenghast. When I was 14 I really, no really, wanted to read the series. (Perhaps a crush on Sting, who was rumored to have purchased the rights so he could play Steerpike, had a slight effect).

But I couldn't. Everytime I opened the book to page one I slammed in to a brickwall. Every word appeared cemented in place with no means of prying ones way in. It took several years before I attempted it again and then I loved it.***CV


I can recommend staying with the first two volumes, but feel free to avoid the third (he wrote it, apparently, while quite mad - it doesn't really "fit" with the first two, either).


Mmmmm. Bizarre combination of ponderous and arch. I love me some Gormenghast. Seriously. It gets better and better - more or less along the same lines, however. At least you should stick around to read the bits about the professors, when Titus is finally old enough to go to school.

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