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January 29, 2007




It's the kind of complete cultural illiteracy that makes me so glad that I didn't vote for the current set of bastards.

Not, of course, that the other bastards are any better, given that they started the whole spiral of dumbing down during their term of office.


On a more cheerful note, did you see Mary Beard's post before Christmas about the Mellon Foundation project to catalogue properly all the 19th century popular literature in the UL? It sounded like the kind of resource that would really be up your street.


I wouldn't get too alarmed, if I were you -- this is a worst-case scenario dreamed up by the Library itself in order to head off possible spending cuts (which haven't even been announced yet). In fact it was rather too effective for its own good, as it caused widespread panic among the Library's own staff, and an internal e-mail went round at lunchtime today saying, in effect, "don't worry, we just made these figures up".


The only problem I have is that in 25 years in the UK higher education system, all the "don't worry we just made those figures up to head off the spending cuts" stories I ever heard all came true. And none of the stories had a happy ending.

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