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April 29, 2007


Jonathan Dresner

My second -- of three -- electric lawn mower was the B&D. Mine was a badly refurbished model, which could handle about 1/3 of our lawn (better than 10000 sq ft of lawn alone) on a good day, and which had a tendency to lose the connection between the battery and the motor, even after I soldered it myself. When we got the corded electric, I parked the B&D in the carport until I could get back to the goniffs who sold it to me.... and it was stolen.

The corded electric worked better, except for needing 200 feet of cord, but it still wasn't capable of handling the thick grass we've got. I've had a Sears 6.5 hp for over a year now, and I'm a lot happier. Not about the gasoline, mind you: if we had a small lawn, I might go back.

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