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May 30, 2007



wait, what happened to the table?


The table (which, incidentally, was one step above grad student furniture) rolled out to the curb, where it was promptly appropriated by someone in search of free furniture. (Seriously. It was gone in about an hour.)

I was down to one chair, as the other three had all slowly but surely collapsed; this was a source of some amusement in the LP family. (See under: one step above grad student furniture.)

Bourgeois Nerd

Do you have any special system for how you put books into the boxes to maximize the amount of books that can fit? And where did you get the boxes? And am I just a little too interested in your books and your boxes? *LOL*

Disraeli is, obviously, inspecting your work. I think you'd adequately packed that box.

Dr. Janet Jeyapaul

You would be a Bibliophile in my that the right word for collector of books..I am reading a PG wodehouse book right now - the Little Nugget different from the rest of his books, the Jeeves and Psmith series. Full Moon and Pigs have wings were hilarious. Janet Jeyapaul India

Gary Denton

Have you cataloged your books yet on the internet?

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