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May 31, 2007



I don't know Amazon wishlists so these may be way off base--but control-F or command-F should let you search the text on the page, if you can get it to a single page?

If it's public, using a keyword for your wishlist plus the book in Google might work?

Maybe Mac only--if you can export the wishlist in some way and print to PDF, Preview has a that great live index search.

William Patrick Wend

I have desired the ability to search my wish list on Amazon for about seven years. I have 500ish books on my list and it would be nice to be able to search them.


I have nearly a 100 books on my wishlist. (You can have more than a 1000 at Amazon US?! You lucky jossers.) Sensible editing tools for the list would be great. There is probably some way of using the Amazon API to get all the items on the list, but that's hardly the quickest or most convenient solution. I wonder how many people have ~1000 items on their wishlists?


I recently created separate lists (using the move to another list function) so that I could organize by type or subject. It's helped a lot! The lists are still somewhat long, but I'm not searching through a dozen pages of theory to find my children's/YA lit wants.

Another Damned Medievalist

I saw The Illusionist a couple of weeks ago, and was really surprised at the absence of anti-Semitism, given that it so clearly have been there. It's good to know that it is an issue in the story.

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