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May 28, 2007



I started to read the essay myself but could not get past the state pining away for Queen Victoria. Then I saw that you were going to put me through the entire thing anyway.


I tried, but when the book started to express itself I became too frightened to continue. Maybe later.

That can't be a typical example of the essays students pilfer and hand in to professors, right?

A. Mused

To be fair to the writer, English is almost certainly not his or her first language. Judging from the number of misplaced articles, I'd hazard a guess that the writer is from Eastern Europe and speaks Russian or Czech as a first language. Russian and Czech don't have articles; in my experience, native speakers of Russian or Czech rarely learn the correct use of the definite and indefinite articles in English, even after living in English-speaking countries for a long time.


Unfortunately, my students who have English as their first language make the same errors...

A. Mused

...because they plagiarize essays written for hire by Russians, maybe? Or maybe some major linguistic change (the Great English Article-Shift) is on its way.


Hahaha, artisan bread. I hate that phrase! Nice.

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