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October 29, 2007


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» Halloweeny, good and bad from Pharyngula
The other night, I made the mistake of going to the local theater to see the horrible new version of Halloween by Rob Zombie. It sucked. Unimaginative, tedious, unrelievedly grim, plodding, with no insight or interesting ideas, and it wasn't... [Read More]

» Some HalloweenTreats from Skulls in the Stars
Through Pharyngula, I found a link to The Little Professor, a blogger of Victorian stuff, who linked through a lovely website to some of her favorite ghost stories. (Following me so far?) This seemed like a good idea, so I thought Id contribute... [Read More]



Wonderful! Thank you!

I love to read M. J. James at this time of year; and James Hynes' tributes to him in Publish and Perish. A new book you might enjoy is Baltimore: or the Soldier and the Vampire. it tips its hat a great many times to nineteenth-century horror writers while still being fresh.

Ronan Gallagher


Given your liking of stories that give a little chill to the soul, I thought I'd send you a link to my film 'Underworld' a supernatural chiller which, it being Halloween, I have made available free at my site for a limited period up to midnight Thurs Nov 1st. Given that I am a self financed filmmaker with an advertising budget that wouldn't buy a Happy Meal, I am relying on word of mouth, and the quality of my films to get an audience. Hope you like it and if you do you will spread the word. Just go to and follow the Underworld link to view the film.

Many thanks,

Ronan Gallagher

Powerful! A taut, well achieved psychological chiller... Irish Times

The sense of menace is riveting...Sunday Tribune

A tight, slick thriller, Underworld moves seamlessly from contemporary Americana-style action drama, to Argento-like supernatural thriller, pumped along by a pulsating soundtrack courtesy of Stephen McKeon and some very atmospheric visuals from camera-man Ronan Fox...Film West


If you haven't seen "The Innocents," the film (starring Deborah Kerr, directed by Jack Clayton) based on "The Turn of the Screw," I highly recommend it. The Benjamin Britten opera, too.


Nice list. Here's one you probably won't have read, but it is beautiful, romantic, and, well, scary - the Japanese ghost story "Mimi Nashi Hoichi", as retold by Lafcadio Hearn:
One to tell the kids round the old fireside...

Molly, NYC

You might like B.J. Harrison's The Classic Tales Podcast. Old short stories (many of them horror fiction), read aloud.

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