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December 28, 2007



Ooh, Miriam, you mean, you read The Secret River and you didn't have to? Thanks for the screening (although it's something in the way of something else I want to write about, so I do have to clear it.)
What a terrific list, I look forward to linking to it when my blog hols are over (or before :-))

Ellen Moody

Dear Miriam,

I was not able to manage to ask a question at the MLA session where you spoke. I enjoyed your talk and the whole session, and thought Prof Fitzpatrick attempted to make useful suggestions.

I did raise my hand in an attempt to respond to your presentation. I do want to say it: the problem as I see it is what you (or I or other bloggers) define as benefits others do not. I too value the responses I get on and off-blog, some of which have led to published reviews, conference papers, and possibly a contract for a new book; but just as much the comments from readers of all sorts which set me thinking -- and even presents. I got a DVD of the 1999 _Vanity Fair_, a xerox of a good article on Jane Austen. As much for the thought as the present. As they say.

But others do not regard these as sufficient benefits to offset risks. Benefits are things that are notches leading to tenure and
directly and unambiguously to tenure. I have suffered from my posting on Victoria and blog where I teach: I offended someone important simply by my very posting as someone from the college where I teach.

[Ellen--sorry, but I redacted your comment here, because I don't know what the current situation is.]

The value of a blog is here: I could never have said all this in a session.



Thanks for your comments, Ellen.

Dr. Anon

I too spotted that _Complete Bunyan_ at MLA, out of the corner of my eye. I must admit that before I turned my head to inspect the cover, I momentarily hoped I'd find a book devoted to *Paul* Bunyan and his big blue ox. No such luck, I'm afraid.

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