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January 11, 2008



Bwhahahahahahha---fump! (skis right into an approaching tree)


I thought this was hilarious!


This is the funniest thing ever. Except for maybe the cats versus English professor post.


Tee Hee! So far so good on the Grading Marathon, the Job Interview Sprint, the Political Balance Beam, the Administrative High Bar, the Graduate Student Slalom, the Evaluation Moguls, Double-Blind Ice Hockey, and Conference Curling. So far I have managed to avoid the Bureaucratic Triple Jump, the Committee Meeting Hurdles, and the Adjunct Biathlon. The Tenure Pole Vault is in process. I have been offered several opportunities to participate in Theoretical Hoops, but have refused to participate. Alas, my participation in Chili Pepper Figure Skating has not yet produced any positive results. . .



EVALUATION MOGULS - surely this event should be eliminated. How is that students, most of whom are not even qualified to be in college (with 8th grade grammar skills), are qualified to pass judgment on my teaching skills? This is my first semester as adjunct, so I have no tenure that hinges on anything (in fact, the dept. invited me to teach again), but I was something north of annoyed when I read a few of the nastier and dumber evaluations. How does everyone deal with these idiotic things? Are they primarily ignored? Last I heard, my college isn't a Starbucks, and I am not a coffee trying to please a customer.

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