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February 22, 2008



I'd guess that the whole thing is done by software which converts a Google Books page and PDF into a "catalog page", with POD done from the GB scan. This puts the marginal cost close to zero (except for the ISBN?) so if they sell two copies to libraries that see them as the only source, they are ahead. I don't know how Google regards this.


I thought they were just reformatting Project Gutenberg books, since they've been doing this since Google Books was just a twinkle in Google's eye, but I don't really know.


I won't purchase Kessinger's stuff because the quality is so bad. If they put a little more effort into it, they could be Dover for the higher-brow/more eclectic crowd.

Mr Punch

This is what's known as "the long tail." If you reach the whole world via the internet, there's a market for just about anything.


I'm interested in a couple of these titles to give me a hard copy for consultation but I'm not sure what I'll get when I pick one up. So I keep wibbling back and forth. *wibbles some more*


Google Books has a lot of out of copyright books available as PDFs. (I've been reading Sophie Raffle's account of her husband's travels).

There are lots of services that will print on demand single copies of books if you give them a PDF.

I've been waiting for someone to put together a big catalog full of every PDF on Google Books, all set for printing. (In fact, I'm surprised that Google hasn't done this. They could even let users submit designs for tee shirts, mouse pads, coffee mugs and book covers in exchange for a share of the profits from a sort of ultra-obscure Cafe Press clone).

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