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April 21, 2008



Well, she _might_. Then again, she might not. 'Cause that's how cats are.

the driftwood collector

I wonder how many hours were spent coaching that cat to pose in the box for the photo. I don't envy that animal trainer.


Not only not a degree in feline psychology, someone who's never shared space full time with a cat. Think of the money they'll make from the clueless buying 'a purrfect gift.'



Give that cat a drug test. I won't believe it until it shows up in a picture on

It might work if you have a spare keyboard to put there to (try to) fool the cat, but it looks perfect for a designer pocket pooch.


This is unrelated to the cat post but how in the market are you for books? I work/study in the heritage field up in Canada and on one of my list-servs there was a posting about available books from the 19th century. Would you like me to post you the titles etc? Several are written by various Reverends.

But I read you blog often and oddly enough, thought of you when I read the list.

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