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July 22, 2008



The best place for used books in Austin is the Half Priced Books at 2222 (also known as Koenig) and North Lamar. From campus you can get there taking the northbound #1 bus, but don't do it at rush hour. That's one of the most popular routes from both campus and downtown, although it may be much better with school out of session. I unfortunately can't think of anything closer to campus. Feel free to e-mail me with any other Austin questions. And do be very careful in the heat!


A second thought (not to be a weird blog stalker!): I haven't been there, but 12th Street Books bills themselves as a source for "Rare and Scholarly" editions. Their website ( also has an inventory list.



Ben Brumfield

I second the recommendation for the HPB at Lamar & Koenig. The HPB on South Lamar (around Manchaca) usually has an excellent selection of homesteading books, if you're planning to raise your own goats anytime soon.

May we ask which B&B you're at? I've got some friends that run two of them walking distance from campus.


Ben: The Star of Texas Inn.

Ben Brumfield

Hooray! Please say "hi" to Chris and Sylvia for me.


I just came back from there, and I stayed at a hotel on the lake, about two miles away. I had originally planned to walk, but it was so hot that I could not. (And I live in southern Louisiana and do things outdoors here routinely.)

It was so hot, in fact, that I could only bring myself to walk for lunch to that Thai-y place called "Crave" across the street from the HRC.

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