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August 11, 2008



Truth. I've discovered I can't watch for more than a few minutes, because the chatter drives me wild. Since NBC took over coverage, they're nationalistic jingoism and tripe has deadened most of my interest in the Olympics. Which is sad, because I used to really get excited about them. Boo Bad Hiss to NBC.

Bourgeois Nerd

Sympathies, Little Professor. The gymnastics commentators are the worst. And the coverage is insane! Last night, you'd barely know anyone besides the US and the Chinese were competing. We only saw Japan and Germany when there were medals on the line for the US. The US and German teams were right next to each other, and they literally cut the Germans out of the shot! How embarrassingly parochial.


In Australia and elsewhere, we are missing the televised Olympic musings of HG Nelson and Rampaging Roy Slaven. While their feral ocker poetry is exquisite they do play around with offensive. Non-seriousness isn't quite so intrinsic within these current games I feel.

It's a mere technicality that even if though Roy and HG began in radio all those decades ago as 'youths' themselves, they have bypassed ageism.

They are still on Australian ABC's Youth Program as mentors and satirists when all other early keynote youths of those early times have passed to other kinds of zones.


We are fortunate enough to live near the Canadian border & have access to the CBC broadcast coverage. But Ron MacLean is starting to look like he's wondering where Don Cherry is.

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