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October 27, 2008



I think that "backstage at the accidental theater of human consciousness" is the longest quotational interpolation I've ever seen.

Having slogged though some of Southey's epic, um, stuff, I'm sort of curious about what Tucker might say about works like "Thalaba the Destroyer" and "The Curse of Kehama," which might be condemnable on a wholly objective measure. Thanks for the review!

Jonathan Dresner

By the way, I find these regular reviews to be quite fascinating. I don't know enough to have anything to say most of the time, but I do think I'm learning something interesting.

This looks like it could be the start of a whole new wave of scholarship. I kind of hope so: epic poetry was a great form

Amateur Reader

Thanks for the long review - I'll never read this book, I know, but the arguments are interesting. It's clear enough from "The Prelude" and "Aurora Leigh" and "The Ring and the Book" that there was no shortage of activity or ambition by the poets of the time. This context is very useful. I need to try some William Morris.

Vance Maverick

Yes, thanks for these. This one was especially interesting to me.

"Doughty", btw, fwiw. TLP FTW.


Oops, fixed. Clearly, I was so bemused by Doughty that I neglected to spell his name correctly.

Stephen Brown


I stop by your blog almost daily and have noticed that the "Currently Reading" section of your sidebar changes nearly as often. I wonder if you'd care to tell us, your devoted readers, the number of books you read in a year's time.

S. Brown


Isn't epic still considered the most exalted form of poetry, as well as of other kinds of literature, movies especially? Or am I unusual in considering it so?

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