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October 31, 2008



I'm taking the candy to campus this week. I have a couple of classes that will get treats. Win/win, no?


Quick fast hurry: take it to the office. If rules of free = no calories, take it to the office with the most work studies, even if they don't know you. Take it to your worst campus enemy's office - revenge!

Book Reviews Online

I was surprised when the door bell range yesterday night and it was 3 kids trick or treating around.

I had nothing, and found it hard to tell them. luckily for me, they live next door, so, I've asked them to come back on Sunday for their treats. :-))

Bourgeois Nerd

We also had a dismal showing, as we have for several years now. I just think nowadays everyone's so paranoid about crazies and pedophiles and assorted hysterias that they just take the kiddies to parties and such.

Octo Pie

I had a bad turnout last year- I blame the fearmongering that the media churns out & the parents are all too willing to lap up. There's this ridiculous thought that taking your kids out ToT-ing makes it more likely that they'll be abducted or hurt. As if! Kids are way more likely to be hurt or molested at a party than they are if they were to go out ToT-ing with their parents. (Most abductions, assaults & molestations usually come from the hands of someone the kid sees DAILY- like a trusted friend or family member.)

I'm just so angry that now nobody is ToT-ing because they believe the stupid media's fearmongering.

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