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November 03, 2008


Jonathan Dresner

Oddly enough, despite my professional focus and Sondhiem fixation, I've never seen this show. I'm quite sure it's never been done near enough to me that I could, actually. Neat piece: starts kind of clunky, but picks up.


Please visit to listen to actor Mark Ryan's (Transformers, The Prestige, Evita, Robin Of Sherwood) musical adaptation of the Bronte novel. There is also a music video for one of the songs "Women"
Credits include: Robb Vallier (Spamalot, Gin Blossoms, Peter Murphy), who produced the four songs with Ryan. The vocal ensemble includes Jenn Korbee (Cathy), Jessica Kennan Wynn (Nelly) and Katie Boeck (Isabella), who all appear in the video for Women.


With all respect to the recent Broadway revival, Mako ruled. Damn, MB, finding this on the 'net uplifts me more than that election you celebrated (Sondheim was an Obama fan from early on, incidentally).

Had a good time seeing Road Show last weekend; the music is very derivative of SJS's earlier work, but the play as a whole is beautifully-executed and thought-provoking.

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